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de_nial's Journal

Hmm, yes, I suppose it's about time I do one of these, since I always get annoyed when I can't figure out who someone is because they HAVE NO BIO.
My name is Diana. I was born in Philidelphia, yet managed to grow up very far away from there in a conservative land called Colorado. Lukily, there is a liberal island in this conservative square called Boulder, and a bit of a liberal community that manages to spread it's residue around in Fort Collins, which is where I lived as a kid and during high school, respectively.
After graduatin high school I decided to go to college in Iowa, of all places, at a bitty little college called Cornell (we were here first, so take that you University types). Then I graduated from that, too.
At the moment, I'm making camp in State College, PA (it's a long story...) and, as one of my lovely friends put it, chasing theatre.