December 16th, 2010



Ok, so it has been demanded on by by my lovely British friend Jenn that I update more/at all. (So maybe this demand was made months ago. Meh, so what?)

Anyhoo, in the interest of meeting said demand and trying to really stay connected with folks (and also just, you know, making myself actually do something) here I am.

So, here's a part of what's been keeping me hesitating every time I think of posting: What would I say? I feel lost--there is simultaneously too much and too little to say. My day-to-day life to too insignificant to say anything about, and everything else is too big and too out of context--how would anyone even understand anything that I'm saying? So, yeah. Conundrum.


Life is looking up. Sort of. In an "I'm uncomfortable with this but not sure why and STILL don't think I'm progressing fast enough" sort of way, but there you have it. The machinery is starting to work again.